Dataset Information


Gene expression analysis of cancer stem cells with stem cells or cancer related cells

ABSTRACT: RNA expression of human induced cancer stem cells and human induced pluripotent stem cells were analyzed. Overall design: 1,036 mRNA expression analysis data which is related to stem cells or cancer and using GPL16688 or GPL17077 (GSE45175, GSE46043, GSE47197, SE47657, GSE48667, GSE50061, GSE51500, GSE52708, GSE53063, GSE53902, GSE54758, GSE55544, GSE55545, GSE55546, GSE55547, GSE55548, GSE55549, GSE55909, GSE55910, GSE56243, GSE56920, GSE57297, GSE57555, GSE57921, GSE58241, GSE58774, GSE59025, GSE59948, GSE60765, GSE61287, GSE61511, GSE61587, GSE61961, GSE62775, GSE63043, GSE63210, GSE63596, GSE64350, GSE64999, GSE65470, GSE66154, GSE66244, GSE66405, GSE66498, GSE66603, GSE67033, GSE67061, GSE67325, GSE67631, GSE69653, GSE70468, GSE71016, GSE72669, GSE72974, GSE73402, GSE73961, GSE73971, GSE74451, GSE74945, GSE75029, GSE75087, GSE76208, GSE77883, GSE77937, GSE78850, GSE78867, GSE79235, GSE79759, GSE79762, GSE80754, GSE80759, GSE81363, GSE83490, GSE83880, GSE83881, GSE83883, GSE84396, GSE84398, GSE84400, GSE84787, GSE86525, GSE86597, GSE86598, GSE86599, GSE86942, GSE89039, GSE89047, GSE89239, GSE89856, GSE92391, GSE92624, GSE93422, GSE93704, GSE93829, GSE97039) were normalized by Bioconductor command agilp (Benny Chain (2012). agilp: Agilent expression array processing package. R package version 3.6.0) with defalult parameters. The data was analyzed by sherical self-organizing map (SOM Japan, Tottori, Japan).

INSTRUMENT(S): Agilent-039494 SurePrint G3 Human GE v2 8x60K Microarray 039381 (Probe Name version)

SUBMITTER: Akimasa Seno 

PROVIDER: GSE113533 | GEO | 2018-06-29