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MiR-585-5p overexpression effect on tongue cancer cells

ABSTRACT: Analysis of SCC-9 tongue cancer cells overexpressing miR-585-5p. miR-585-5p is frequently downregulated in primary tongue cancer. Results provide insight into the role of miR-585-5p in the pathogenesis of tongue cancer. We used micorarrays to detailed the genes regulated by miR-585-5p in SCC-9 cells. Overall design: We trasfected SCC-9 cells with miR-NC (control) or miR-585-5p mimics (30nM). 36 hours later, RNA was extracted by Qiangen RNA Isolation Kit.

INSTRUMENT(S): [PrimeView] Affymetrix Human Gene Expression Array

SUBMITTER: Heyu Zhang  

PROVIDER: GSE114093 | GEO | 2018-05-08


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