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Distinct transcriptional profiles of anti-viral CD4+ T cells based on CD25 surface expression

ABSTRACT: Trascriptional analysis of CD2 hi and CD25 lo CD4+ effector T cells during acute viral infection. SMARTA cells were transferred into B6 mice, followed by infection with LCMV. At day 5 post-infection, CD25 hi and CD25 lo SMARTA cells were isolated from the spleen by FACS. Consistent with our prior studies showing that CD25 lo early effector cells give rise to both Tfh effector cells and memory T cells, we observed gene expression in the CD25 lo population consistent with Tfh differentiation. Conversely, CD25 hi effector cells expressed markers consistent with Th1 differentiation and short-term survival. Overall design: mRNA profiles of monoclonal transgenic CD4+ T cells with divergent CD25 surface expression 5 days post LCMV infection in mice

INSTRUMENT(S): Illumina HiSeq 2500 (Mus musculus)

SUBMITTER: Matthew Williams  

PROVIDER: GSE114884 | GEO | 2018-05-25


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TCR signal strength controls the differentiation of CD4+ effector and memory T cells.

Snook Jeremy P JP   Kim Chulwoo C   Williams Matthew A MA  

Science immunology 20180701 25

CD4+ T cell responses are composed of heterogeneous T cell receptor (TCR) signals that influence the acquisition of effector and memory characteristics. We sought to define early TCR-dependent activation events that control T cell differentiation. A polyclonal panel of TCRs specific for the same viral antigen demonstrated substantial variability in TCR signal strength, expression of CD25, and activation of nuclear factor of activated T cells and nuclear factor κB. After viral infection, strong T  ...[more]

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