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Gene expression profiling in the human pathogenic dermatophyte Trichophyton rubrum during growth on proteins

ABSTRACT: Dermatophytes are highly specialized filamentous fungi which cause the majority of superficial mycoses in humans and animals. The high secreted proteolytic activity of these microorganisms during growth on proteins is assumed to be linked with their particular ability to exclusively infect keratinized host structures such as skin stratum corneum, hair and nails. Individual secreted dermatophyte proteases were recently described and linked with the in vitro digestion of keratin. However, the overall adaptation and transcriptional response of dermatophytes during protein degradation is largely unknown. To address this question, we constructed a cDNA microarray for the human pathogenic dermatophyte Trichophyton rubrum, which is based on transcripts of the fungus grown on proteins. Gene expression profiling during growth of T. rubrum on soy and keratin displayed the activation of a large set of genes encoding endo- and exoproteases. In addition, other specifically induced factors with potential implication in protein utilization were identified, including heat shock proteins, transporters, metabolic enzymes, transcription factors and hypothetical proteins with unknown function. This broad-scale transcriptional analysis of dermatophytes during growth on proteins reveals new putative pathogenicity related host adaptation mechanism of these human pathogenic fungi. Keywords: Two-condition experiment, strong proteolytic activity in the supernatant versus no proteolytic activity Overall design: Three independently prepared T. rubrum replicates grown in each of the three media, Sabouraud, soy and keratin-soy medium (designated SabA/B/C, soyA/B/C and keratin-soyA/B/C) were used. Pairwise transcriptional comparisons, i.e. soy versus Sabouraud, keratin-soy versus Sabouraud and keratin-soy versus soy were done. The total number of slides in this study was 9.

INSTRUMENT(S): CHUV_CIG_Trichophyton rubrum_10K_V1

ORGANISM(S): Trichophyton rubrum  

SUBMITTER: Michel Monod  

PROVIDER: GSE11711 | GEO | 2008-12-31



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