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Effect of rimonabant on gene expression of visceral and subcutaneous adipose tissues: high fat diet

ABSTRACT: Mice were fed for 6 months with a normal chow (NC) or a high fat diet (HFD). After 6 months of diet, high fat fed mice with Low, Medium and High body weight, but with similar glucose intolerance, were selected. These selected mice as well as NC mice were then treated with Rimonabant or Vehicle for 1 month. After treatment, mice were sacrificed and visceral and subcutaneous adipose tissues were collected and immediately frozen in liquid nitrogen. Total RNA from each sample was further extracted, purified, quality-controled before and after amplification, Cy5-labeled and co-hybridized with a Cy3-labeled mouse Universal Reference total RNA on the mouse 17K microarray. Keywords: diet response, pharmacological response Overall design: Each individual RNA sample was hybridized with a mouse Universal Reference Total RNA

INSTRUMENT(S): University of Lausanne Mouse 17K (M17K) array version 1

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  

SUBMITTER: Carine Poussin 

PROVIDER: GSE11790 | GEO | 2008-12-15



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