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Targeting the CALR Interactome in Myeloproliferative Neoplasms

ABSTRACT: Mutations in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) chaperone calreticulin (CALR) are common in myeloproliferative neoplasm (MPN) patients, activate the thrombopoietin receptor (MPL), and mediate constitutive JAK/STAT signaling. The mechanisms by which CALR mutations cause myeloid transformation are incompletely defined. We employed mass spectrometry proteomics to identify novel CALR-mutant interacting proteins. Mutant CALR caused mislocalization of binding partners and increased recruitment of FLI1, ERP57 and CALR to the MPL promoter to enhance transcription. CALR 52 mutant was also found to increase genome-wide recruitment of Fli1 to the chromatin. Overall, these results show that type 1 CALR mutant modulates Fli1 cellular localization and recruitment. Overall design: We repor tFli1 increased nuclear localization and chromatin recruitement in CALR mutated cells Examination of Fl1 ChIP-seq in MPL-WT-BA/F3 cells expressing EV, WT, DEL or INS CALR constructs

INSTRUMENT(S): Illumina HiSeq 2500 (Mus musculus)

SUBMITTER: Richard Koche  

PROVIDER: GSE120134 | GEO | 2018-09-19


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