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FOXA1 ChIP-chip in DLD1 cells

ABSTRACT: FOXA1 recruitment sites within chromosomes 8, 11 and 12 were analyzed by ChIP-chip in DLD1 cells Overall design: DLD1 colon cancer cells were grown in full media, cross-linked and processed as in (Carroll et al. 2005). DNA was hybridized to Human Affymetrix tiled array F. Duplicates of FOXA1 and input DNA.

INSTRUMENT(S): [Hs35b_P06R] Affymetrix Human Tiling 2.0R Set, Array 6

SUBMITTER: Jérôme Eeckhoute  

PROVIDER: GSE12801 | GEO | 2009-01-07



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Cell-type selective chromatin remodeling defines the active subset of FOXA1-bound enhancers.

Eeckhoute Jérôme J   Lupien Mathieu M   Meyer Clifford A CA   Verzi Michael P MP   Shivdasani Ramesh A RA   Liu X Shirley XS   Brown Myles M  

Genome Research 20090107 3

Selective activity of a specific set of enhancers defines tissue-specific gene transcription. The pioneer factor FOXA1 has been shown to induce functional enhancer competency through chromatin openings. We have previously found that FOXA1 is recruited to thousands of regions across the genome of a given cell type. Here, we monitored the chromatin structure at FOXA1 binding sites on a chromosome-wide scale using formaldehyde assisted isolation of regulatory elements (FAIRE). Surprisingly, we find  ...[more]

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