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Deletion of Clr3 restores expression of a subset of genes in gcn5- mutant cells

ABSTRACT: Histone acetylation and deacetylation is important for gene regulation. The histone acetyltransferase, Gcn5, is a known activator of transcriptional initiation that is recruited to gene promoters. Here we map genome-wide levels of Gcn5 occupancy and histone H3K14ac at high resolution. Gcn5 is predominantly localized to coding regions of highly transcribed genes where it antagonistically collaborates with the class II histone deacetylase, Clr3, to regulate histone H3K14ac levels. Regulation of histone H3k14ac levels is critical for regulation of many genes during stress adaptation. Our findings suggest a novel role for Gcn5 during transcriptional elongation in addition to its known role in transcriptional initiation. The related data for this are GSE13790 and GSE5227 Overall design: Data showed expression pattern of gcn5- vs gcn5-clr3- and clr3- vs wild type under KCl stress in S. pombe. Two biological replicates are used with dye-swap labeling.

INSTRUMENT(S): Eurogentec AG S. pombe ORF array 11k (I100C)

ORGANISM(S): Schizosaccharomyces pombe  

SUBMITTER: Anthony Wright  

PROVIDER: GSE13817 | GEO | 2009-08-01



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