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Co-immunoprecipitation of RNAs with RNA helicase A (RHA)

ABSTRACT: Given that RHA regulates translation by binding a PCE located at the 5’ UTR of the target transcripts a genome-wide screen was performed to identify mRNAs that bind RHA in vivo. The results from duplicate experiments with samples obtained in two independent RNA immunoprecipitations identified 407 transcripts that co-immunoprecipitate with FLAG RHA. Keywords: gene expression array-based Overall design: Since N-terminal FLAG tagged RHA specifically co-immunoprecipitates PCE-containing mRNAs COS cells were transfected with a CMV-FLAG-RHA construct. Cytoplasmic lysates were pooled and immunoprecipitated with anti-FLAG beads. RNA was extracted from the immunoprecipitate and used to probe rhesus macaque Affimetrix expression arrays. Steady state mRNA levels were monitored on a separate array probed with total RNA.

INSTRUMENT(S): [Rhesus] Affymetrix Rhesus Macaque Genome Array

ORGANISM(S): Chlorocebus aethiops  

SUBMITTER: Kathleen Boris-Lawrie  

PROVIDER: GSE14056 | GEO | 2008-12-20



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