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Identification of ANAC059 and ANAC092 early target genes

ABSTRACT: Identification of ANAC059 and ANAC092 early target genes using inducible overexpression system coupled with investigation of T-DNA insertion mutants The aim was to identify early target genes of two senescence-associated transcription factors: ANAC059 and ANAC092. For this purpose we used estradiole-inducible system and studied the expression profile 5h after treatment using Affymetrix microarray. Additionally expression profile of T-DNA insertion lines for ANAC059, ANAC092 and the wild-type were also analyzed. Arabidopsis three weeks old transgenic plants (inducible overexpression) were treated with estradiole for 5h. Based on our preliminary expriments we could identify that 5-h treatment is the shortest time point which result to the induction of ANAC092 and ANAC059 in inducible ANAC092 and ANAC059 overexpression plants, respectively. Additionally leaves of 38 days old plants were harvest in T-DNA insertion lines of ANAC059, ANAC92 and the wild-type and expression profile was performed. Keywords: genetic modification Overall design: 3weeks old Arabidopsis ANAC059 and ANAC092 estradiole-induced overexpresion plants were treated with estradiole for 5h. As control, empty vector transgenic plants were also treated as same condition. Shoots of treated plants were harvested in order to RNA extraction and hybridization to affymetrix GeneChip array. For T-DNA insertion mutants, leaf number 11 were harvested 38 days old wt and mutant plants.

REANALYSED by: GSE118579GSE119128

INSTRUMENT(S): [ATH1-121501] Affymetrix Arabidopsis ATH1 Genome Array

SUBMITTER: Salma Balazadeh  

PROVIDER: GSE14091 | GEO | 2008-12-23



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