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Prostate Cancer Gleason Score

ABSTRACT: Screening of differentially expressed genes between benign and prostate tumors with respect to different prostate cancer gleason score 6 and 8 Keywords: disease subtype analysis Overall design: Comparison of microarray data from benign prostate tissues (n=13), prostate tumors Gleason 6 (n=25) and prostate tumors Gleason 8 (n=27).

INSTRUMENT(S): Human Unigene3.1 cDNA Array 37.5K v1.0

SUBMITTER: Nicole Chui Pressinotti  

PROVIDER: GSE15484 | GEO | 2010-03-31



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Differential expression of apoptotic genes PDIA3 and MAP3K5 distinguishes between low- and high-risk prostate cancer.

Pressinotti Nicole Chui NC   Klocker Helmut H   Schäfer Georg G   Luu Van-Duc VD   Ruschhaupt Markus M   Kuner Ruprecht R   Steiner Eberhard E   Poustka Annemarie A   Bartsch Georg G   Sültmann Holger H  

Molecular cancer 20091227

<h4>Background</h4>Despite recent progress in the identification of genetic and molecular alterations in prostate cancer, markers associated with tumor progression are scarce. Therefore precise diagnosis of patients and prognosis of the disease remain difficult. This study investigated novel molecular markers discriminating between low and highly aggressive types of prostate cancer.<h4>Results</h4>Using 52 microdissected cell populations of low- and high-risk prostate tumors, we identified via g  ...[more]

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