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Zea mays Transcriptome or Gene expression

ABSTRACT: In this study we used non-targeted molecular profiling to provide insight into the extent of variation in the maize transcriptome, proteome and metabolome by analyzing replicas of two genetically modified and one isogenic maize genotype. Overall design: Three white maize lines, the transgenic commercial Bt hybrid line DKC78-15 Bt (event MON810 from Monsanto), the transgenic commercial Roundup Ready (RR) line DKC78-35R (event NK603 from Monsanto) and its respective control line CRN 3505 (conventional from Monsanto) were grown in three consecutive years, and in two or three different locations in South Africa.

INSTRUMENT(S): Maize oligo array version 1.9 array A

ORGANISM(S): Zea mays  

SUBMITTER: Jeroen van Dijk   

PROVIDER: GSE15853 | GEO | 2009-12-31



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