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Genome wide gene expression profiling of visceral adipose tissue among Asian Indian diabetics

ABSTRACT: Genes showing differential expression in visceral adipose tissue obtained from Asia Indian obese women suffering from type-2 diabetes mellitus as compared to age and BMI matched normal glucose tolerant women were identified by genome wide transcriptomic profiling in 5 diabetic and 5 control subjects respectively. Overall design: In this study, omental biopsies were obtained from 5 diabetic and 5 control women undergoing cholecystectomy. All the subjects age > 55 years, BMI > 30, free from infection and malignancy. Expression profiling of 32878 probes for 29,098 genes was done in all participants. A matrix file containing both processed and raw data is linked below as a supplementary file.

INSTRUMENT(S): ABI Human Genome Survey Microarray Version 2

SUBMITTER: Sandeep Kumar Mathur   

PROVIDER: GSE16415 | GEO | 2009-06-03



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