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MicroRNA expression in lung tumors of viny-carbamate treated and viny-carbamate and indole-3-carbinol treated mice

ABSTRACT: We examined the differential expression of miRNAs in vinyl carbamate (VC)-induced lung tumors in A/J mice and assessed if the chemopreventive agent indole-3-carbinol (I3C) reversed the effects of the carcinogen. Microarray studies revealed some up-regulated microRNAs, but down-regulation of several microRNAs in carcinogen-treated mice relative to vehicle-treated mice. Keywords: Expression Overall design: micro and control RNA from control treated (3 replicates), vinyl carbamate treated (4 replicates) and vinyl carbamate and indole-3-carbinol treated mice was hybridized versus synthetic human DNA to a custom multi-organism oligonucleotide array.

INSTRUMENT(S): Biomedical Genomics Center Microarray Facility Custom Multi-Species miRNA Microarray

SUBMITTER: Xiaoxiao Zhang  

PROVIDER: GSE16490 | GEO | 2009-12-06



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