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Transcriptome of S.pyogenes induced by the signaling peptide SilCR

ABSTRACT: Transcriptional regulation of S. pyogenes strain JS95, containing streptococcal invasion locus (sil) by the pheromone quorum-sensing peptide SilCR. Transcriptional profiling was conducted by comparing untreated JS95 culture with SilCR-treated cultures, using two concentrations of SilCR (10 or 0.05 µg/ml) and two incubation times (10 or 180 minutes). As a control, we used JS95-derived mutant deficient of the two-component system SilA-SilB that is necessary for SilCR signaling (ΔsilAB). Overall design: Two-condition experiment: with vs. without SilCR of WT JS95 strain; without vs. with SilCR of ΔsilAB mutant. Two biological repeates were performed for experiment using WT JS95 treated with 10 µg/ml SilCR for 10 minutes.

INSTRUMENT(S): Hebrew University S. pyogenes expression 4Xplex long oligo probe (45-70 mer) array

ORGANISM(S): Streptococcus pyogenes  

SUBMITTER: Ilia Belotserkovsky  

PROVIDER: GSE16961 | GEO | 2009-07-16



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