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Tricellular pollen and pollen mother cells (11447)

ABSTRACT: We isolated tricellular pollen (TCP) and pollen mother cells (PMC) of rice using laser microdissection, and did microarray analysis with Agilent 44k rice array. Overall design: 2 biological rep of TCP and 2 biological rep of PMC were label by Cy3, comparing to 4 rep of seedling sample labled by Cy5

INSTRUMENT(S): Agilent-015241 Rice Gene Expression 4x44K Microarray (Feature Number version)

SUBMITTER: Weihua Tang  

PROVIDER: GSE17098 | GEO | 2010-07-31



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Global gene profiling of laser-captured pollen mother cells indicates molecular pathways and gene subfamilies involved in rice meiosis.

Tang Xiang X   Zhang Zhi-Yong ZY   Zhang Wen-Juan WJ   Zhao Xing-Ming XM   Li Xuan X   Zhang Dong D   Liu Qiao-Quan QQ   Tang Wei-Hua WH  

Plant physiology 20101019 4

Pollen mother cells (PMCs) represent a critical early stage in plant sexual reproduction in which the stage is set for male gamete formation. Understanding the global molecular genetics of this early meiotic stage has so far been limited to whole stamen or floret transcriptome studies, but since PMCs are a discrete population of cells in developmental synchrony, they provide the potential for precise transcriptome analysis and for enhancing our understanding of the transition to meiosis. As a st  ...[more]

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