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Inflammatory gene expression in response to Francisella tularensis exposure in Balb/c mice

ABSTRACT: Francisella tularensis may enter the body thorugh the lungs and cause fatal infection. In this study the inflammatory response to the virulent strain of Francisella (Schu4) was mapped over a 96h time-course using a custom microarray. Overall design: Six groups of 4 mice were exposed to aerosolised Francisella tularensis and a three groups exposed to vehicle only control (media only). Following exposure mice were culled at 4 timepoints (1, 24, 48 and 96h). RNA was extracted and run on the custom array.

INSTRUMENT(S): Dstl Mouse 1.5K SA52

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  

SUBMITTER: Jonathan David   

PROVIDER: GSE17248 | GEO | 2011-03-01



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