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E. coli imp fabI(G93V) Mutant Cells: Control (E. coli imp fabI(G93V) ) vs. NTG-treated E. coli imp fabI(G93V)

ABSTRACT: Transcriptional profiling of NTG-treated E. coli imp fabI(G93V) cells compared to control cells (E. coli imp fabI(G93V) ) in the absence or presence of sub-lethal concentration of triclosan. Overall design: Two-condition experiments with NTG-treated E. coli imp fabI(G93V) vs. control E. coli imp fabI(G93V). Biological replicates: 1 control (E. coli imp fabI(G93V) cell), 1 sample (NTG-treated E. coli imp fabI(G93V) cell), independently grown and harvested. Two replicate per array.

INSTRUMENT(S): Escherichia coli 5K oligo microarray


PROVIDER: GSE17441 | GEO | 2009-07-31



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Signature gene expression profile of triclosan-resistant Escherichia coli.

Yu Byung Jo BJ   Kim Jung Ae JA   Pan Jae-Gu JG  

The Journal of antimicrobial chemotherapy 20100421 6

OBJECTIVES: To gain further insight into the defence mechanisms against triclosan in a mutant derived from an Escherichia coli strain carrying the triclosan-resistant target enzyme, FabI(G93V). METHODS: An E. coli imp4231 FabI(G93V) strain was constructed by replacing intact fabI with a linear DNA cassette, fabI(G93V)-CmR, that contains a single mutation, GGT to GTT, at codon 93 of fabI(G93V) and a chloramphenicol resistance gene (CmR) as a marker for the mutant allele by a Red-mediated recombin  ...[more]

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