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Variation in germline gene expression in cde-1 mutant

ABSTRACT: analysis of germline gene expression in wildtype and cde-1 mutant C. elegans. Overall design: Worms were staged, gonads were dissected in Trizol, and RNA was isolated, all using standard protocols. The series includes a young adult and an aged adult sample, and a dye swap of both. In most respects the two stages can be regarded as duplicates.

INSTRUMENT(S): Agilent-012795 C. elegans Oligo Microarray G2518A Option 002 (Feature Number version)

SUBMITTER: Rene Ketting  

PROVIDER: GSE18202 | GEO | 2009-10-02



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CDE-1 affects chromosome segregation through uridylation of CSR-1-bound siRNAs.

van Wolfswinkel Josien C JC   Claycomb Julie M JM   Batista Pedro J PJ   Mello Craig C CC   Berezikov Eugene E   Ketting René F RF  

Cell 20091001 1

We have studied the function of a conserved germline-specific nucleotidyltransferase protein, CDE-1, in RNAi and chromosome segregation in C. elegans. CDE-1 localizes specifically to mitotic chromosomes in embryos. This localization requires the RdRP EGO-1, which physically interacts with CDE-1, and the Argonaute protein CSR-1. We found that CDE-1 is required for the uridylation of CSR-1 bound siRNAs, and that in the absence of CDE-1 these siRNAs accumulate to inappropriate levels, accompanied b  ...[more]

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