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Transcription profiling of Caco-2 cells and Clostridium difficile during infection

ABSTRACT: Clostridium difficile is an anaerobic spore-forming rod-shaped gram-positive bacterium that can infect both humans and animals. Most studies on the pathogenesis of C. difficile have focused on its toxins and their effect on the host cells. Recently, we utilized microarrays to identify conserved and divergent genes associated with virulence in C. difficile isolates from humans and animals. Our data provided the first clue toward a complex mechanism underlying host adaptation and pathogenesis. Microarray technology offers an efficient high-throughput tool to study the transcriptional profiles of pathogens and infected host cells. Transcriptomes of C. difficile after exposure to environmental and antibiotic stresses and those of human epithelial colorectal Caco-2 cells upon TcdA treatment have been analyzed. To our knowledge, there are still no reports on the transcriptomic study of host-pathogen interactions for C. difficile infection (CDI). In vitro analyses of interplay between host and pathogen are essential to unravel the mechanisms of infection and to investigate the host response to infection. We therefore employed microarrays to study both bacterial and human cellular transcriptome kinetics during CDI to Caco-2 cells. Here we present a large-scale analysis of transcriptional profiles to reveal molecular determinants playing a role in C. difficile pathogenesis and the host response. We found that there were 254 and 224 differentially-expressed genes after CDI in C. difficile and Caco-2 cells, respectively. These genes are clustered according to their functional categories and their potential roles in pathogenesis and host response are discussed. Our results will not only increase our understanding on the host-pathogen interaction, but may also provide targets for drug development. Overall design: Clostridium difficile: Control vs Infection (time course) mRNA with genomic DNA of tested and reference strains Caco-2 cells: Control vs Infected with Clostridium difficile Time-course experiments of Caco-2 cells infected with C. difficile for 30, 60 and 120 min

INSTRUMENT(S): Clostridium difficile 630/QCD32g58 array

SUBMITTER: Tavan Janvilisri  

PROVIDER: GSE18407 | GEO | 2010-08-07



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