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DNA methylation patterns in monocytes associate and evolve with prognosis in undifferentiated arthritis

ABSTRACT: The identification of predictive markers in an early undifferentiated arthritis (UA) patients is pivotal for selecting appropriate therapies to avoid a poor prognosis. In this work, we investigated the association between clinical features and DNA methylation patterns in monocytes from UA patients to seek potential prognostic biomarkers. Overall design: We obtained DNA methylation profiles of blood and synovial fluid (SF) monocytes from UA patients and blood monocytes from healthy donors (HD) at baseline and in a following visit. These data were used to interrogate their relationship with prognostic status, to identify predictive biomarkers of poor prognosis.

INSTRUMENT(S): Infinium MethylationEPIC

ORGANISM(S): Homo Sapiens

SUBMITTER: Esteban Ballestar 

PROVIDER: GSE189426 | GEO | 2022-05-25


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Identifying predictive biomarkers at early stages of inflammatory arthritis is crucial for starting appropriate therapies to avoid poor outcomes. Monocytes (MOs) and macrophages, largely associated with arthritis, are contributors and sensors of inflammation through epigenetic modifications. In this study, we investigated associations between clinical features and DNA methylation in blood and synovial fluid (SF) MOs in a prospective cohort of patients with early inflammatory arthritis. DNA methy  ...[more]

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