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Transcriptional profiles in Blood of patients with Tuberculosis - Longitudinal Study

ABSTRACT: The aim of the longitudinal analysis was to examine the transcriptional blood profile of active TB patients at the time of recruitment (before drug treatment) and then subsequently at specific time points after drug treatment to determine whether the signature is extinguished with treatment and when. Overall design: Whole blood collected in tempus tubes from patients with different spectra of TB disease and healthy controls. All patients were sampled prior to the initiation of any antimycobacterial therapy. Active Pulmonary TB: PTB - All patients confirmed by isolation of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis on culture of sputum or bronchoalvelolar lavage fluid. Healthy controls - these were volunteers without exposure to TB who were negative by both tuberculin skin test (<15mm if BCG vaccinated, <6mm if unvaccinated); who were also negative by Interferon-Gamma Release assay(IGRA); specifically Quantiferon Gold In-Tube Assay (Cellestis, Australia). Here the aim of the experiment is to assess the longitudinal effect of antimycobacterial treatment on the active TB signature, during and after treatment. Blood was taken from the active TB patients at baseline, pre-treatment, 2 months after treatment inititation, and 12 months after treatment initiation, which would be after treatment was completed. These samples were then amplified at the same time with samples from healthy controls and hybridised to the same chips to permit an assessment of whether the post treatment samples had similar transcriptional profiles to healthy controls or were distinct. In this dataset: PTB baseline, n = 7; PTB 2 months, n = 7; PTB 12 months, n = 7. BCG+ control baseline, n =12. Experimental variables: Patient group: Active PTB; Healthy controls (all BCG vaccinated). ethnicity - a wide range of ethnic groups is represented. The active PTB group incorporates a range of smear positive and smear negative disease and a spectrum of disease extent/severity. Timepoint: 0 months = baseline pre-treatment;2 months = 2 months after initiation of treatment; 12 months = 12 months after initiation of treatment.

INSTRUMENT(S): Illumina HumanHT-12 V3.0 expression beadchip

ORGANISM(S): Homo sapiens  

SUBMITTER: Damien Chaussabel  




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