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Global identification of transcription start sites in the genome of Apis mellifera by using 5’ LongSAGE

ABSTRACT: The 5’ LongSAGE (5’LS) approach provides a powerful genomic tool for identifying Transcription start sites (TSSs) in sequenced genome. The main purpose of this study is to identify the actual TSSs of expressed genes as well as the usage of different TSSs in Apis mellifera. We also wish to provide expression evidence for the in silico predicted genes and reveal some previously undiscovered genes. Overall design: The transcriptome of adult drone head was fathomed through 5’LS analysis, and TSSs of the expressed genes were determined by mapping the 5’LS tag sequences to the honeybee genome sequences.

INSTRUMENT(S): SAGE:19:MmeI:Apis mellifera

ORGANISM(S): Apis mellifera  

SUBMITTER: Huajun Zheng  

PROVIDER: GSE19555 | GEO | 2010-02-28



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