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Honey bee: Apis mellifera syriaca

ABSTRACT: Apis mellifera syriaca is the native honeybee subspecies of Jordan and much of the Middle East. It expresses behavioral adaptations to a regional climate with very high temperatures, nectar dearth in summer, attacks of the Oriental wasp Vespa orientalis and in most cases it is resistant to varroa mites. The Thorax control sample of A. m. syriaca in this experiment was originally collected and stored since 2001 from Wadi Ben Hammad a remote valley in the southern region of Jordan. Using morphometric and Mitochondrial DNA markers it was proved that bees from this area had show higher similarity than other samples collected from the Middle East as represented by reference samples collected in 1952 by Brother Adam. The samples L1-L5 are collected from the National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension breading apiary which was originally established for the conservation of Apis mellifera syriaca. Goal was to use the genetic information in the breeding for varroa resistant bees and to determine the successfulness of this conservation program. Project funded by USAID-MERC grant number: TA-MOU-09-M29-075. Overall design: Agilent two-color CGH experiment,Organism: Apis mellifera,Agilent Custom Apis mellifera aCGH, 2X400K(AMADID:035669) designed by Genotypic Technology Private Limited Labeling kit: Agilent Genomic DNA labeling Kit (Part Number: 5190-0453) Jordan Bee legs vs. Syriaca Bee thorax

INSTRUMENT(S): Agilent Custom Apis mellifera aCGH, 2X400 designed by Genotypic Technology Private Limited

SUBMITTER: Genotypic technology  

PROVIDER: GSE43554 | GEO | 2016-02-01



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