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Regulatory Divergence in Drosophila revealed by mRNA-seq

ABSTRACT: These data were generated in a study to analyze the genetic causes of gene regulatory divergence. mRNA-seq libraies were prepared from poly(A)+ RNA prepared from whole F1 hybrids of D. melanogaster and D. sechellia (female 0-3d post eclosion, "D_mel_x_D_sec"). A mixed mRNA- seq library was prepared from D. melanogaster and D. sechellia poly(A) + RNA (mixed before library preparation, "D_mel_+_D_sec). Finally, separate mRNA-seq libraries were prepared from poly(A)+ RNA from each species ("D_mel" and "D_sec"). The results of this study showed that 78% of genes expressed in the two species are differentially expressed, and that cis- and trans-regulatory divergence affect 51% and 66% of expressed genes, respectively. Keywords: RNA-Seq Overall design: There were 4 total samples in this study. mRNA-seq was used to measure allele-specific gene expression levels from 9966 genes in the F1 hybrid, and mixed samples. Comparisons of relative gene expression levels between species and allele-specific expression levels within the F1 hybrid were used to assay the contributions of cis- and trans-regulatory divergence between the species.


INSTRUMENT(S): Illumina Genome Analyzer II (Drosophila melanogaster)

SUBMITTER: Brenton R Graveley  

PROVIDER: GSE20421 | GEO | 2010-02-20



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Regulatory divergence in Drosophila revealed by mRNA-seq.

McManus C Joel CJ   Coolon Joseph D JD   Duff Michael O MO   Eipper-Mains Jodi J   Graveley Brenton R BR   Wittkopp Patricia J PJ  

Genome research 20100330 6

The regulation of gene expression is critical for organismal function and is an important source of phenotypic diversity between species. Understanding the genetic and molecular mechanisms responsible for regulatory divergence is therefore expected to provide insight into evolutionary change. Using deep sequencing, we quantified total and allele-specific mRNA expression levels genome-wide in two closely related Drosophila species (D. melanogaster and D. sechellia) and their F(1) hybrids. We show  ...[more]

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