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Rim15 and Igo1/Igo2 are required for proper transcriptional reprogramming during entry into G0 phase in budding yeast

ABSTRACT: Transcriptional profiling of yeast strains (WT, rim15Δ, and igo1Δigo2Δ) treated with 100nM rapamycin at 20, 60, 120, 180min post treatment with respect to immediately before treatment as reference. Goal of the experiment was to test whether Rim15 and Igo1/2 are implicated in proper regulating of gene expression during nutrient limitation and TORC1 inhibition by rapamycin. At 180 minutes after rapamycin treatment, 478 genes were upregulated more than 2.8 fold in the wild-types cells; whereas the upregulation of 54 were diminished in rim15 mutant and upregulation of 103 genes diminished in cells lacking Igo1 and Igo2. Moreover, induction of the all Rim15-dependent genes were attenuated in igo1/igo2 cells, indicating that transcriptional control of Rim15 requires Igo1 and Igo2. Almost all of Rim15 dependent genes are involved in stress response, carbohydrate metabolism and respiration, as expected by the role of Rim15 during nutrient limitation. Overall design: WT and mutants treated with rapamycin. Two channel experiment with channel 1 for reference and channel 2 for drug treated condition.

INSTRUMENT(S): Agilent-013384 Yeast Oligo Microarray (V2) G4140B (Probe Name version)

SUBMITTER: Soyeon Lippman 

PROVIDER: GSE20539 | GEO | 2010-05-14



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Initiation of the TORC1-regulated G0 program requires Igo1/2, which license specific mRNAs to evade degradation via the 5'-3' mRNA decay pathway.

Talarek Nicolas N   Cameroni Elisabetta E   Jaquenoud Malika M   Luo Xuan X   Bontron Séverine S   Lippman Soyeon S   Devgan Geeta G   Snyder Michael M   Broach James R JR   De Virgilio Claudio C  

Molecular cell 20100501 3

Eukaryotic cell proliferation is controlled by growth factors and essential nutrients, in the absence of which cells may enter into a quiescent (G(0)) state. In yeast, nitrogen and/or carbon limitation causes downregulation of the conserved TORC1 and PKA signaling pathways and, consequently, activation of the PAS kinase Rim15, which orchestrates G(0) program initiation and ensures proper life span by controlling distal readouts, including the expression of specific genes. Here, we report that Ri  ...[more]

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