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DNA barcoding reveals ongoing immunoediting of clonal cancer populations during metastatic progression and in response to immunotherapy [DNA barcodes: IT_and_cont_4T1_BC250000]

ABSTRACT: To investigate immunoediting at the primary tumour, we used DNA barcoding combined with NGS. By stably integrating 4T1 murine cancer cell line with 250000 unique DNA barcodes (1 barcode per cell), we can trace how barcode (and therefore subclonal) diversity changes over time and after treatment with immunotherapy. Overall design: The data provided are generated by targete barcode sequencing of primary tumours and matching lungs generated in mice from barcoded 4T1 cells. Samples are generated from immunocompetent BALB/c mice treated with eihter control IgG of combination immunotherapy (anti-Pd1 and anti-CTLA4). Three samples were generated from the cell pellets left over after surgery.

INSTRUMENT(S): Illumina NextSeq 500 (Mus musculus)

SUBMITTER: Alexander Swarbrick  

PROVIDER: GSE210051 | GEO | 2022-08-02


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