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Fenofibrate increases VLDL-triglyceride production despite reducing plasma triglyceride levels in APOE*3-Leiden.CETP mice

ABSTRACT: The PPARα activator fenofibrate efficiently decreases plasma triglycerides (TG), which is generally attributed to enhanced VLDL-TG clearance and decreased VLDL-TG production. However, since data on the effect of fenofibrate on VLDL production are controversial, we aimed to investigate in (more) detail the mechanism underlying the TG-lowering effect by studying VLDL-TG production and clearance using APOE*3-Leiden.CETP mice, a unique mouse model for human-like lipoprotein metabolism. Male mice were fed a Western-type diet for 4 weeks, followed by the same diet without or with fenofibrate (30 mg/kg bodyweight/day) for 4 weeks. Fenofibrate strongly lowered plasma cholesterol (-38%; P<0.001) and TG (-60%; P<0.001) caused by reduction of VLDL. Fenofibrate markedly accelerated VLDL-TG clearance, as judged from a reduced plasma half-life of intravenously injected glycerol tri[3H]oleate-labeled VLDL-like emulsion particles (-68%; P<0.01). This was associated with an increased post-heparin LPL activity (+110%; P<0.0001) and an increased uptake of VLDL-derived fatty acids by skeletal muscle, white adipose tissue and liver. Concomitantly, fenofibrate markedly increased the VLDL-TG production rate (+73%; P<0.0001) but not the VLDL-apoB production rate. Kinetic studies using [3H]palmitic acid showed that fenofibrate increased VLDL-TG production by equally increasing incorporation of re-esterified plasma FA and liver TG into VLDL, which was supported by hepatic gene expression profiling data. We conclude that fenofibrate decreases plasma TG by enhancing LPL-mediated VLDL-TG clearance, which results in a compensatory increase in VLDL-TG production by the liver. Overall design: Male mice were fed a Western-type diet for 4 weeks, followed by the same diet without or with fenofibrate (30 mg/kg bodyweight/day) for 4 weeks. After 4 hours fasting, livers were isolated and individual gene arrays were performed.

INSTRUMENT(S): Affymetrix GeneChip Mouse Genome 430 2.0 Array [CDF: Mm_ENTREZG_11]

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  

SUBMITTER: Marijana Radonjic   

PROVIDER: GSE21211 | GEO | 2010-05-27



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