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Gene expression profiling of native mussels from Venice lagoon area

ABSTRACT: We examined gene expression profiling of native mussels that were sampled in early summer 2003 from sites of the Venice lagoon area known to be differently affected by chemical pollution: Sites 1 and 2 close to the industrial district of Marghera and Site 3 close to the Lido lagoon outlet. Site 4, a current mussel farm located offshore, has been chosen as source of reference targets for microarray hybridizations. We have limited the preliminary assessment to the digestive gland. Digestive gland total RNA of each Site was hybridized in competition with the offshore mussels (Site 4 - Reference) and the relative abundance of each gene was measured by directly comparing fluorescent signals for each probe. We carried out two separate hybridizations for each site of the Venice lagoon area.. Keywords = digestive gland Keywords = Venice lagoon Keywords = chemical pollution Keywords = native mussels Keywords = transcriptional profiling Keywords: ordered

INSTRUMENT(S): Mussel MytArray 1.0

SUBMITTER: Gerolamo Lanfranchi  

PROVIDER: GSE2184 | GEO | 2006-10-10



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Development of mussel mRNA profiling: Can gene expression trends reveal coastal water pollution?

Venier Paola P   De Pittà Cristiano C   Pallavicini Alberto A   Marsano Francesco F   Varotto Laura L   Romualdi Chiara C   Dondero Francesco F   Viarengo Aldo A   Lanfranchi Gerolamo G  

Mutation research 20060928 1-2

Marine bivalves of the genus Mytilus are intertidal filter-feeders commonly used as biosensors of coastal pollution. Mussels adjust their functions to ordinary environmental changes, e.g. temperature fluctuations and emersion-related hypoxia, and react to various contaminants, accumulated from the surrounding water and defining a potential health risk for sea-food consumers. Despite the increasing use of mussels in environmental monitoring, their genome and gene functions are largely unexplored.  ...[more]

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