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Progressive epigenetic changes in milk protein gene loci during functional differentiation of the mammary gland: ChIP-Seq part II

ABSTRACT: The role of chromatin in mammary gland development and differentiation has not been defined. Here we have studied the changes in chromatin conformation in the mammary gland during the lactation cycle at milk protein gene loci, whose gene expression marks functional differentiation of the mammary gland. Overall design: histone modification patterns were studied using ChIP-seq in Lactating (day 8) mammary gland tissue, Mammary epithelial cells Isolated from 12 week virgin (diestrus) mammary gland tissue, and liver from 8 day lactating female.

INSTRUMENT(S): Illumina Genome Analyzer II (Mus musculus)


PROVIDER: GSE25131 | GEO | 2013-10-28



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Epigenetic modifications unlock the milk protein gene loci during mouse mammary gland development and differentiation.

Rijnkels Monique M   Freeman-Zadrowski Courtneay C   Hernandez Joseph J   Potluri Vani V   Wang Liguo L   Li Wei W   Lemay Danielle G DG  

PloS one 20130102 1

Unlike other tissues, development and differentiation of the mammary gland occur mostly after birth. The roles of systemic hormones and local growth factors important for this development and functional differentiation are well-studied. In other tissues, it has been shown that chromatin organization plays a key role in transcriptional regulation and underlies epigenetic regulation during development and differentiation. However, the role of chromatin organization in mammary gland development and  ...[more]

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