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Helianthus annuus Transcriptome or Gene expression

ABSTRACT: affy_strigolactone_sunflower - affy_strigolactone_sunflower - Abiotic stress and more specifically drought is the major limiting factor for sunflower production. Sunflower response to drought includes root plasticity to adapt to water availability and reach soil water. We identified genotype-specific responses of root architecture to strigolactone application. This experiment aims at identifying strigolactone responsive pathways in 6 genotypes in order to better understand molecular control of root development in sunflower and therefore its response to drought. The ultimate goal will be to improve sunflower breeding through selection of key drought response genes.-The experiment consisted of 2 repeats of four 12-day-old-plantlets of 6 sunflower genotype SF193 (INRA code: XRQ), SF326 (INRA code: PSC8), SF056 (INRA code: FU), SF306 (INRA code: PAZ2), SF302 (INRA code: PAC2), SF268 (INRA code: RHA266), grown in growth chamber conditions and submitted to a 24-hour-treatment of 100 nM strigolactone analogue rac-GR24 (Chiralix, Nijmegen, Netherland) or not. Growth conditions were 14h light at 23°C and 10h night at 20°C under fluorescent bulbs. Plants were grown in hydroponic boxes containing 20 litres of aerated liquid culture medium (as described in Massonneau et al., 2001 Planta). The entire root systems were harvested 4 hours after light onset and frozen immediately in liquid nitrogen. Overall design: 24 arrays - SUNFLOWER; treated vs untreated comparison

INSTRUMENT(S): [SYNG010s520477] Affymetrix Helianthus annuus 94K

ORGANISM(S): Helianthus annuus  

SUBMITTER: sandrine balzergue 




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