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Sex-specific expression during asexual development of Neurospora crassa under constant light condition

ABSTRACT: It is widely assumed that sex-determination loci have little impact upon dominant stage in the life history of filamentous fungi, asexual development. However, this hypothesis has not been thoroughly investigated. To investigate differences between mating types during asexual development, total RNA was sampled from otherwise largely isogenic Mat-A and Mat-a N. crassa strains at early, middle, and late clonal stages of development under a condition of constant light. Mating-type loci, pheromone precursor and receptor genes were assayed with real-time PCR. Mating loci were increasingly expressed during asexual development, and expression of pheromone precursors ccg-4 and mfa-1 and receptors pre-1 and pre-2 were detected in both mating types in all development stages. A circuit of microarray hybridizations of cDNA samples from all developmental stages was also performed. Gene expression for both mating types throughout vegetative development were characterized for developmental markers such as transcription factors, for genes related to conidiation, internal clock, cell division cycle, heat shock, and for light responsive genes. We observed significant differences in overall gene expression between the mating types across clonal development, especially at late development stages. The Mat-A genotype showed a higher expression level than Mat-a for many genes, and demonstrated greater transcriptional regulatory activity. Significant up-regulation of expression was observed for many late light responsive genes at late asexual development stages in both mating types. Further investigation of the impact of light and the roles of light response genes in asexual development in this fungus are warranted. Overall design: Neurospora crassa mat A FGSC#2489 and mat-a FGSC 4200: Three developmental stages, 36hr, 60hr, 96 hr were sampled and compared

INSTRUMENT(S): Yale University Neurospora crassa 70-mer oligo whole genome transcription array

ORGANISM(S): Neurospora crassa  

SUBMITTER: Francesc Lopez  

PROVIDER: GSE26209 | GEO | 2011-06-06



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