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Response of rice seedlings to the allelochemical juglone

ABSTRACT: Juglone is phytotoxic and has been widely studied for allelopathic effects, but the molecular mode of action of allelochemicals is not well understood.To gain more insight into cellular responses to juglone, we have taken a large-scale analysis of the rice transcriptome during juglone stress. Exposure to juglone triggered changes in the transcript levels for several genes related to cell rescue and defense, with the majority of these genes potentially associated with chemical detoxification pathways, abiotic stress response pathway, cell wall formation and epigenetic mechanism. Molecular mechanisms for the allelochemical,juglone, in rice roots Overall design: Comparison of mock control and rice seedlings treated with 10mM juglone; Biological replicates: 3 control replicates, 3 juglone-treated replicates.

INSTRUMENT(S): Agilent-015241 Rice Gene Expression 4x44K Microarray (Probe name version)

ORGANISM(S): Oryza sativa  

SUBMITTER: Wen-Chang Chi  

PROVIDER: GSE27413 | GEO | 2011-08-17



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