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Affymetrix SNP array data for mammary tumors that recurred after inactivation of the oncogenic PIK3CA-H1047R

ABSTRACT: Gain-of-function mutation of PIK3CA represents one of the most common oncogenic events in human malignancy, making PI3K an attractive target for cancer therapy. Despite the great promise of targeted therapy, drug resistance is likely to develop, causing treatment failure. To elucidate resistance mechanisms to PI3K-targeted therapy, we constructed a mouse model of breast cancer conditionally expressing PIK3CA-H1047R. Surprisingly, the majority of mammary tumors induced by PIK3CA-H1047R expression recurred following PIK3CA-H1047R inactivation. Genomic analyses of recurrent tumors revealed multiple lesions, including spontaneous focal amplification of c-Met or c-Myc. While amplification of c-Met allowed tumor survival dependent on activation of endogenous PI3K, tumors with amplification of c-Myc become independent of the PI3K pathway. Functional analyses further demonstrated that c-Myc contributed to tumors’ independence of oncogene and resistance to PI3K inhibition. Together, our data suggest that MYC elevation in tumors may be a potential mechanism conferring resistance to current PI3K-targeted therapies. Overall design: Affymetrix SNP array analysis was performed with Mouse Diversity Genotyping Arrays (Affymetrix) on genomic DNA extracted from frozen biopsies of 6 recurrent mouse mammary tumor samples. Copy number analysis was performed for the mouse mammary tumors using genomic DNA from normal mammary tissue as the reference for copy number inference.

INSTRUMENT(S): [MOUSEDIVm520650] Affymetrix Mouse Diversity Genotyping Array

ORGANISM(S): Mus musculus  

SUBMITTER: jean zhao  

PROVIDER: GSE27691 | GEO | 2011-08-02



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