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ABSTRACT: NtrC-like activators regulate transcription of a wide variety of adaptive genes in bacteria. Previously we demonstrated that a mutation in the NtrC-like activator gene nla18 severely inhibits M. xanthus fruiting body development and vegetative growth. In this study, we found that inactivation of nla18 has dramatic effects on gene expression patterns during development and vegetative growth. Gene expression in nla18 cells is altered in the early stages of fruiting body development. In addition, nla18 cells are defective for two of the earliest events in development, production of the intracellular starvation signal ppGpp and production of A-signal. Taken together, these results indicate that the developmental program in nla18 cells goes awry very early. Inactivation nla18 also causes a dramatic decrease in the vegetative growth rate of M. xanthus cells. When the vegetative gene expression profiles of nla18 cells were compared to their wild type counterparts using DNA microarrays, we found that more than 700 genes have altered expression patterns. Furthermore, inactivation of nla18 seems to have a profound effect on expression of genes that code for putative membrane and membrane-associated proteins. This idea is supported by our finding that the profiles of membrane proteins isolated from nla18 cells during vegetative growth are noticeably different from the profiles of wild type M. xanthus cells. These results demonstrate that Nla18 is an important regulator of gene expression during both vegetative growth and fruiting body development. Keywords: vegetative analysis Overall design: 5 biological replicates, normalized ratios to Cy3

INSTRUMENT(S): UC Davis Singer Myxococcus xanthus 9.5K cDNA array

ORGANISM(S): Myxococcus xanthus  

SUBMITTER: Mitchell Singer  

PROVIDER: GSE3323 | GEO | 2005-09-20



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