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Expression patterns in stress conditions of 4 closely related yeast species from the Saccharomyces sensu stricto complex

ABSTRACT: We characterize the genome-wide transcription response of four related yeast species and two strains to equivalent environmental stresses. Keywords: Comparative analysis of gene expression across species. Overall design: We chose four yeast species, three species are represented by a single strain (S. cerevisiae, S. kudriavzevii and S. mikatae) and one species (S. paradoxus) is represented by two strains. The five different cell types were subjected to five environmental stresses: heat shock, oxidative stress (H2O2), growth on glycerol, nitrogen starvation and DNA damage (MMS). In each experiment, cells were grown to mid log-phase in rich media and were then subjected to the particular stress. The same growth media was used for all species. The genome-wide transcription profile of each culture was measured at six subsequent time points, from 10 to 90 minutes after the onset of the perturbation (one day for nitrogen starvation). At each time point, gene expression levels were measured relative to a reference (same culture before transfer to stressful media).

INSTRUMENT(S): UHN Yeast 6.4kv6

SUBMITTER: Naama Barkai  

PROVIDER: GSE3406 | GEO | 2006-03-31



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A genetic signature of interspecies variations in gene expression.

Tirosh Itay I   Weinberger Adina A   Carmi Miri M   Barkai Naama N  

Nature genetics 20060618 7

Phenotypic diversity is generated through changes in gene structure or gene regulation. The availability of full genomic sequences allows for the analysis of gene sequence evolution. In contrast, little is known about the principles driving the evolution of gene expression. Here we describe the differential transcriptional response of four closely related yeast species to a variety of environmental stresses. Genes containing a TATA box in their promoters show an increased interspecies variabilit  ...[more]

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