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IC - Experiment 1

ABSTRACT: Normal bladder epithelial cell explant from a single normal control was treated with APF from a single IC patient or mock APF. Two different membranes were used. Keywords: other

INSTRUMENT(S): Res Gen Human

SUBMITTER: Susan Keay  

PROVIDER: GSE345 | GEO | 2003-07-14



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Changes in human bladder epithelial cell gene expression associated with interstitial cystitis or antiproliferative factor treatment.

Keay Susan S   Seillier-Moiseiwitsch Francoise F   Zhang Chen-Ou CO   Chai Toby C TC   Zhang Jialu J  

Physiological genomics 20030707 2

Explanted bladder epithelial cells from patients with interstitial cystitis (IC) have been shown to differ from explanted control cells in several ways, including production of an antiproliferative factor (APF), altered production of certain epithelial growth factors, and rate of proliferation. To better understand the role of the APF in abnormal bladder epithelial cell proliferation in IC, we studied gene expression patterns in normal bladder epithelial cells treated with APF vs. mock APF and c  ...[more]

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