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B lymphocytes signature is associated with the success of minimization therapy in kidney transplantation

ABSTRACT: The efficacy and safety of tacrolimus or sirolimus monotherapy after combined induction therapy with campath-1H and infliximab monoclonal antibodies in 20 kidney graft recipients were evaluated in single centre prospective randomized trial. Campath-1H and infliximab induction followed by tacrolimus monotherapy spare tolerance asssociated naive B-cell related molecular markers and results in 36 months excellent renal graft function and normal histology. Overall design: The experiments were performed with total RNA derived from whole blood samples of twenty different patients who had undergone a kidney transplantation. After an initial administration of Campath, Infliximab, Methylprednisolone, and Tacrolimus, the participants of the trial were split into two arms, one of which was treated with the immunosuppressive Calcineurin inhibitor Tacrolimus, and the other was treated with the mTOR-Inhibitor Sirolimus (Rapamycin). As severe side effects were observed for the kidney recipients in the Sirolimus arm, this part of the study had to be stopped. Samples were collected before transplantation and at consistent time points (W3, M2, M3, M6, M12) after transplantation. As microarray platform, the RISET 2.0 microarray (GPL8136) was used. classification of clinical samples

INSTRUMENT(S): Agilent RISET 2.0 8x15K 60mer oligonucleotide microarray

SUBMITTER: Stefan Tomiuk  

PROVIDER: GSE39299 | GEO | 2017-02-16



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Sequential Targeting of CD52 and TNF Allows Early Minimization Therapy in Kidney Transplantation: From a Biomarker to Targeting in a Proof-Of-Concept Trial.

Viklicky Ondrej O   Hruba Petra P   Tomiuk Stefan S   Schmitz Sabrina S   Gerstmayer Bernhard B   Sawitzki Birgit B   Miqueu Patrick P   Mrazova Petra P   Tycova Irena I   Svobodova Eva E   Honsova Eva E   Janssen Uwe U   Volk Hans-Dieter HD   Reinke Petra P  

PloS one 20170113 1

There is high medical need for safe long-term immunosuppression monotherapy in kidney transplantation. Selective targeting of post-transplant alloantigen-(re)activated effector-T cells by anti-TNF antibodies after global T cell depletion may allow safe drug minimization, however, it is unsolved what might be the best maintenance monotherapy.In this open, prospective observational single-centre trial, 20 primary deceased donor kidney transplant recipients received 2x20 mg Alemtuzumab (d0/d1) foll  ...[more]

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