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The expression profiles of miRNAs in the heart with glucose fluctuation compared with sustained hyperglycemia.

ABSTRACT: We examined miRNAs expression profiles in rat hearts. The expression of five of 350 scanned miRNAs significantly differed between rat hearts exposed to vehicle and diabetic rat hearts. The expression of 31 miRNAs significantly differed between vehicle and diabetes with fluctuations in glucose levels, and that of 22 miRNAs significantly differed between diabetic hearts and diabetic hearts with glucose fluctuations. Overall design: Diabetes mellitus was induced with an intravenous injection of streptozotocin (60 mg/kg) and glucose fluctuation was induced by a 24-h- fast and an insulin injection (0.5 IU/kg).

INSTRUMENT(S): Agilent-019159 Rat miRNA Microarray (miRBase release 9.2 miRNA ID version)

SUBMITTER: Yasushi Teshima 

PROVIDER: GSE40779 | GEO | 2015-11-17



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Glucose Fluctuations Aggravate Cardiac Susceptibility to Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury by Modulating MicroRNAs Expression.

Saito Shotaro S   Thuc Luong Cong LC   Teshima Yasushi Y   Nakada Chisato C   Nishio Satoru S   Kondo Hidekazu H   Fukui Akira A   Abe Ichitaro I   Ebata Yuki Y   Saikawa Tetsunori T   Moriyama Masatsugu M   Takahashi Naohiko N  

Circulation journal : official journal of the Japanese Circulation Society 20151023 1

The influence of glucose fluctuations (GF) on cardiovascular complications of diabetes mellitus (DM) has been attracting much attention. In the present study, whether GF increase susceptibility to ischemia/reperfusion in the heart was investigated.Male rats were randomly assigned to either a control, DM, and DM with GF group. DM was induced by an injection of streptozotocin, and glucose fluctuation was induced by starvation and insulin injection. One sequential program comprised 2 hypoglycemic e  ...[more]

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