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High-throughput sequencing reveals differential expression of miRNAs in intestine from sea cucumber during aestivation [miRNA-Seq]

ABSTRACT: The regulatory role of miRNA in gene expression is an emerging hot new topic in the control of hypometabolism. Sea cucumber aestivation is a complicated physiological process that includes obvious hypometabolism as evidenced by a decrease in the rates of oxygen consumption and ammonia nitrogen excretion, as well as a serious degeneration of the intestine into a very tiny filament. To determine whether miRNAs play an important regulatory roles in this process, the present study analyzed profiles of miRNA expression in the intestine of sea cucumber (Apostichopus japonicus), using Solexa deep sequencing technology. We identified 309 sea cucumber miRNAs, including 19 novel miRNAs specific to sea cucumber. Animals sampled during deep aestivation (DA) after at least 15 days of continuous torpor, were compared with animals from a non-aestivation (NA) state (animals that had passed through aestivation and returned to an active state). We identified 42 differentially expressed miRNAs (RPM (reads per million) >10, |FC| (|fold change|) ≥1, FDR<0.01) during aestivation, which were validated by two other miRNA profiling methods: miRNA microarray and real-time PCR. Among the most prominent miRNA species, miR-200-3p, miR-2004, miR-2010, miR-22, miR-252a, miR-252a-3p and miR-92 were significantly over-expressed during deep aestivation compared with non-aestivation animals. Preliminary analyses of their putative target genes suggest that these miRNAs could play important roles in global transcriptional depression during aestivation. Overall design: analyze the global profile of small RNAs in non-aestivation (NA) and deep aestivation (DA) sea cucumbers' intestine using Solexa sequencing technology

INSTRUMENT(S): Illumina HiSeq 2000 (Apostichopus japonicus)

ORGANISM(S): Apostichopus japonicus  

SUBMITTER: Muyan Chen  




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