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Replication Stress is a Potent Driver of Functional Decline in Aging in Hematopoietic Stem Cells

ABSTRACT: To understand at the molecular level the differences between old HSCs and young HSCs we have performed genome-wide analyses using Affymetrix Gene ST 1.0 microarrays with FACS purified cell populations. In contrast to other datasets comparing young and old HSCs, we compared both young and old HSCs and GMPs, and subtracted for genes that were also differentially expressed between young and old GMPs using a zero-intercept linear model. This allowed us to identify 913 significantly differentially expressed genes that were specific to old HSCs and segregated into different clusters. Overall design: Hematopoietic Stem Cells (HSC) (Lin-/cKit+/Sca1+/Flk2-/CD48-/CD150+) and Granulocyte/Macrophage progenitors (GMP) (Lin-/cKit+/Sca1-/FcyR+/CD34+) were isolated from young (6-12 weeks) and old (22-30 months) C57Bl/6 mice and subjected to microarray analysis wild type C57Bl/6 mice

INSTRUMENT(S): [MoGene-1_0-st] Affymetrix Mouse Gene 1.0 ST Array [transcript (gene) version]

SUBMITTER: Sietske Tet Bakker  

PROVIDER: GSE48893 | GEO | 2014-07-14



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Haematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) self-renew for life, thereby making them one of the few blood cells that truly age. Paradoxically, although HSCs numerically expand with age, their functional activity declines over time, resulting in degraded blood production and impaired engraftment following transplantation. While many drivers of HSC ageing have been proposed, the reason why HSC function degrades with age remains unknown. Here we show that cycling old HSCs in mice have heightened levels of rep  ...[more]

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