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Transcript expression data from Populus euphratica shoots subjected to salt stress

ABSTRACT: Populus euphratica is a medium-sized deciduous tree naturally grown in high saline condition, however, the molecular response of the poplar to salinity at global genome level maintain to be elucidated. We used Affymetrix poplar genome microarrays to investigate the full transcript expression exposed to different salt intensities and identified significantly changed transcripts within the 24 hours after exposed to salt stress. Overall design: Uniformly developed seedlings without salt treatment were sampled as control, and two salt intensities (400 mM and 600 mM NaCl solution) were employed to irrigate the seedlings. Samples were collected at 6, 12, and 24 hours after salt-irrigation. Shoots (terminal bud with 3 to 4 expanding leaves) of uniformly developed seedlings were choosed as samples.Affymetrix poplar genechip was introduced to analyze the full transcripts change of the poplar response to varying intensities within the 24 hour after exposed to NaCl solution.

INSTRUMENT(S): [Poplar] Affymetrix Poplar Genome Array

SUBMITTER: Mengzhu Lu  

PROVIDER: GSE52305 | GEO | 2016-11-12



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