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Double-tiled DNA microarrays -- proof of principle

ABSTRACT: We have developed a double-tiling method that effectively doubles the number of sequences on a microarray, and with these arrays we confirm that our design can be utilized quickly and easily. Keywords: testing novel microarray design Overall design: GPL4107 is a double-tiled array, and GPL4111 is a conventional array. Both contain the entire yeast genome at approximately 150 and 280 bp resolution, respectively. Our proof-of-principle experiments were done with plasmids; we subsequently performed a more complex experiment (comparing galactose vs glucose-grown yeast) on both the double-tiled arrays and on the conventional array (for use as a standard).

INSTRUMENT(S): Hopkins S. Cerevisiae 44k Double Tiling Array v1.0

ORGANISM(S): Saccharomyces Cerevisiae

SUBMITTER: Sarah Wheelan 

PROVIDER: GSE5721 | GEO | 2006-10-23



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Stacking the deck: double-tiled DNA microarrays.

Wheelan Sarah J SJ   Martínez-Murillo Francisco F   Irizarry Rafael A RA   Boeke Jef D JD  

Nature methods 20061101 11

Microarrays-high-throughput platforms for analyzing the gene expression and features of total genomic DNA, among other applications-are gaining in popularity as researchers discover ever more uses for their unbiased and broad feature sets. At present, microarray analyses are limited by the number of individual features that can be placed on each array. Here we describe a double-tiling method that significantly increases the number of sequences present on an array, and we show that successful tra  ...[more]

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