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The role of carbon starvation in the induction of enzymes that degrade plant-derived carbohydrates in Aspergillus niger

ABSTRACT: Fungi are an important source of enzymes for saccharification of plant polysaccharides and production of biofuels. Understanding of the regulation and induction of expression of genes encoding these enzymes is still incomplete. To explore the induction mechanism, we analysed the response of the industrially important fungus Aspergillus niger to wheat straw, with a focus on events occurring shortly after exposure to the substrate. RNA sequencing showed that over a third of the genes induced after 6 h of exposure to wheat straw were also induced during 6 h of carbon starvation, indicating that carbon starvation is probably an important factor in the early response to wheat straw. The up-regulation of the expression of a high number of genes encoding CAZymes that are active on plant-derived carbohydrates during early carbon starvation suggests that these enzymes could be involved in a scouting role during starvation, releasing inducing sugars from complex plant polysaccharides. Overall design: Eight samples in total consisting of duplicate shake flask Aspergillus niger cultures from four conditions: 48h glucose, 6 h starvation, 6 h wheat straw, 24 h starvation

INSTRUMENT(S): AB 5500xl Genetic Analyzer (Aspergillus niger)

ORGANISM(S): Aspergillus niger  

SUBMITTER: David B Archer  




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