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Genes expression patterns in Desulfovibrio piezophilus sp. nov. C1TLV30T in response to hydrostatic pressure

ABSTRACT: We have identified differentially expressed genes according to hydrostatic pressure growth conditions in Desulfovibrio piezophilus. The transcriptomic datasets report the molecular mechanisms which could be involved in such adaptation and give information for the piezophile sulfate-reducing bacteria research communities. The data obtained pointed out different responses of D. piezophilus to an increase of hydrostatic pressure. Overall design: Transcriptome data of Desulfovibrio piezophilus have been generated with culture at 0.1 MPa (atmospheric pressure, low hydrostatic pressure), 26 or 10 MPa (high hydrostatic pressures). All these cultures have been processed in duplicate.

INSTRUMENT(S): AB 5500xl Genetic Analyzer (Desulfovibrio piezophilus C1TLV30)

SUBMITTER: Aurelie Bergon  

PROVIDER: GSE58269 | GEO | 2017-01-01



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Deciphering the adaptation strategies of Desulfovibrio piezophilus to hydrostatic pressure through metabolic and transcriptional analyses.

Amrani Amira A   van Helden Jacques J   Bergon Aurélie A   Aouane Aicha A   Ben Hania Wajdi W   Tamburini Christian C   Loriod Béatrice B   Imbert Jean J   Ollivier Bernard B   Pradel Nathalie N   Dolla Alain A  

Environmental microbiology reports 20160801 4

Desulfovibrio piezophilus strain C1TLV30(T) is a mesophilic piezophilic sulfate-reducer isolated from Wood Falls at 1700 m depth in the Mediterranean Sea. In this study, we analysed the effect of the hydrostatic pressure on this deep-sea living bacterium at the physiologic and transcriptomic levels. Our results showed that lactate oxidation and energy metabolism were affected by the hydrostatic pressure. Especially, acetyl-CoA oxidation pathway and energy conservation through hydrogen and format  ...[more]

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