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Alanine scan of potential linear epitopes of Klebsiella pneumoniae MGH 78578

ABSTRACT: Sequences of 11 amino acids belonging to the KPN_00363 protein and KPN_00459 protein from Klebsiella pneumoniae MGH 78578 which was previously identified as potentially immunogenic was analyzed via alanine scanning to narrow down the significant amino acid residues within the sequence. Overall design: 26 peptides, two representing the original sequences, 22 peptides with each residue replaced by alanine (or glycin, if the original sequence contained alanine) as well as two related peptides were synthesized on microarrays by JPTs Pepstar Technology. For each microarray, nine replicates for each peptide were spotted. The microarray was seperated into three incubation chambers by the ProPlate 3-well module (Grace Biolabs) to allow for incubation with different antibodies in parallel. For specific interaction rabbit polyclonal IgG to K. pneumoniae (Abcam ab20947) was used, while non-specific binding to the epitope sequences was checked using rabbit polyclonal IgG to E. coli (Abcam ab137967) and S. enterica (Abcam ab35156).

INSTRUMENT(S): IBMT Kpneumoniae alanine scan

SUBMITTER: Sebastian Hoppe  

PROVIDER: GSE60588 | GEO | 2014-08-22



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Identification of antigenic proteins of the nosocomial pathogen Klebsiella pneumoniae.

Hoppe Sebastian S   Bier Frank F FF   von Nickisch-Rosenegk Markus M  

PloS one 20141021 10

The continuous expansion of nosocomial infections around the globe has become a precarious situation. Key challenges include mounting dissemination of multiple resistances to antibiotics, the easy transmission and the growing mortality rates of hospital-acquired bacterial diseases. Thus, new ways to rapidly detect these infections are vital. Consequently, researchers around the globe pursue innovative approaches for point-of-care devices. In many cases the specific interaction of an antigen and  ...[more]

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