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Real-time quantitative PCR analysis of the effects of a longitudinal dietary intervention on human adipose tissue

ABSTRACT: Abdominal subcutaneous adipose tissue was obtained from obese individuals before, after an 8-week low calorie diet and after an ad libitum 26-week weight control phase. Clinical investigations including subcutaneous adipose tissue biopsies were performed at baseline and at the end of each phase. Main clinical outcome measures were body weight, body composition, energy intake, metabolic biochemistry. Adipose tissue gene expression profiling and lipidomics from the same samples were also assessed. Overall design: 135 adipose tissue RNA samples were analysed before, after low calorie diet and after weight maintenance phase

INSTRUMENT(S): Fluidigm Human adipose tissue markers analysis

SUBMITTER: Nathalie Viguerie 

PROVIDER: GSE60946 | GEO | 2014-11-27



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System model network for adipose tissue signatures related to weight changes in response to calorie restriction and subsequent weight maintenance.

Montastier Emilie E   Villa-Vialaneix Nathalie N   Caspar-Bauguil Sylvie S   Hlavaty Petr P   Tvrzicka Eva E   Gonzalez Ignacio I   Saris Wim H M WH   Langin Dominique D   Kunesova Marie M   Viguerie Nathalie N  

PLoS computational biology 20150115 1

Nutrigenomics investigates relationships between nutrients and all genome-encoded molecular entities. This holistic approach requires systems biology to scrutinize the effects of diet on tissue biology. To decipher the adipose tissue (AT) response to diet induced weight changes we focused on key molecular (lipids and transcripts) AT species during a longitudinal dietary intervention. To obtain a systems model, a network approach was used to combine all sets of variables (bio-clinical, fatty acid  ...[more]

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