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Transcriptome analysis of thermal adaptive E. coli (part 1)

ABSTRACT: Transcriptome analyses of the Escherichia coli cells acquired in the thermal adaptive evolution (Kishimoto et al, 2010, PLoS Genet) were performed. The ancestor strain (Anc) and the evolved strains (41B, 43B, 45L and 37L) were analyzed. The cells exponetially growing at the regular (37ºC) and/or evolutionary (41~45ºC) temperatures and in response to heat shock at 45ºC were collected for microarray analyses. Multiple transcriptome analyses identified the specific evolutionary direction and bias for thermal adaptation. Overall design: Five different strains (both the evolved cells and the ancestor) exponentially growing at regular and evolutionary temperatures and responding to heat shock were collected for the transcriptome analysis. Every 2-3 biological replications were performed.

INSTRUMENT(S): Affymetrix Escherichia coli full sequence array (EcFS) [EcFS_1, EcFS_2, and EcFS_3]

SUBMITTER: Bei-Wen Ying  

PROVIDER: GSE61749 | GEO | 2015-10-14



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Bacterial transcriptome reorganization in thermal adaptive evolution.

Ying Bei-Wen BW   Matsumoto Yuki Y   Kitahara Kazuki K   Suzuki Shingo S   Ono Naoaki N   Furusawa Chikara C   Kishimoto Toshihiko T   Yomo Tetsuya T  

BMC genomics 20151016

Evolution optimizes a living system at both the genome and transcriptome levels. Few studies have investigated transcriptome evolution, whereas many studies have explored genome evolution in experimentally evolved cells. However, a comprehensive understanding of evolutionary mechanisms requires knowledge of how evolution shapes gene expression. Here, we analyzed Escherichia coli strains acquired during long-term thermal adaptive evolution.Evolved and ancestor Escherichia coli cells were exponent  ...[more]

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