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Fold change of expression in Aseel (an indigenous chicken breed) as compared to broiler chicken in muscle of 18th day of embryonic stage

ABSTRACT: The expression of genes were analysed in muscle of 18th day of embryonic stage between Aseel, an indigenous slow-growing chicken, and control broiler, a fast-growing broiler chicken line. The whole embryo was collected in TRIZOL and total RNA was isolated. The expression profile of gene was determined in 64k Agilent chicken microarray chip. The Cy3 dye was used for detection. The fold change of expression was analysed in Aseel as compared to broiler chicken line. Overall design: Muscle in embryo of 18th day of Aseel and broiler birds in duplicate were analysed. The broiler sample was used as control sample and Aseel sample was used as treatment sample.

INSTRUMENT(S): Agilent-042675 Gallus gallus 8X60K gene expression array

SUBMITTER: Tarun K Bhattacharya  

PROVIDER: GSE62444 | GEO | 2014-10-17



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