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Rb family triple knock out liver progenitor cells

ABSTRACT: This serie was performed on liver progenitor isolated based on their expression of the Sca1 surface marker. It contains two independent samples from Rb family deficient liver and three independent samples from control liver, all isolated 2 weeks after Tamoxifen-induced Rb family ablation. Hematopoietic (CD45, Ter119) and endothelial (CD31) markers were used as negative selection markers to exclude blood or endothelial cells from the isolated fraction. Overall design: Each liver was digested to obtain single cell suspension. Cells were positively enriched on column for Sca1 expression and further stained with antibodies against CD45, Ter119 and Cd31. Each sample represents 20-30K cells isolated by flow cytometry and sorted directly into Trizol

INSTRUMENT(S): [Mouse430_2] Affymetrix Mouse Genome 430 2.0 Array

SUBMITTER: Pichai Raman  

PROVIDER: GSE63793 | GEO | 2015-11-15



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Recruitment of Pontin/Reptin by E2f1 amplifies E2f transcriptional response during cancer progression.

Tarangelo Amy A   Lo Nathanael N   Teng Rebecca R   Kim Eunsun E   Le Linh L   Watson Deborah D   Furth Emma E EE   Raman Pichai P   Ehmer Ursula U   Viatour Patrick P  

Nature communications 20151207

Changes in gene expression during tumorigenesis are often considered the consequence of de novo mutations occurring in the tumour. An alternative possibility is that the transcriptional response of oncogenic transcription factors evolves during tumorigenesis. Here we show that aberrant E2f activity, following inactivation of the Rb gene family in a mouse model of liver cancer, initially activates a robust gene expression programme associated with the cell cycle. Slowly accumulating E2f1 progress  ...[more]

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